Fletcher-Salt Families
4.John Fletcher(1826-1896) married Elizabeth Whysall(1831-17 June 1863)
3. William(20 May 1850-1914) married 3.Mary Braithwaite (5 Dec 1849-1881) Litchurch Derbyshire
 2. John(2 Sept 1878-1953) married 2.Clara Salt(1 April 1881-1951) 25 December 1900 Eastwood Notts
                           John(1901-1954) married Mabel Rushby(1906-)
                           Grace(24 Jan 1906-1984) married George Fletcher (1905-1974)
                                      Alan(31 May 1931-Feb 2002 married Mary
                           Samuel(1907-1993) married Constance Bulless(1912-1974)
                                      Lewis(8 Jan 1938-July 2003)
1.Mary(25 Dec 1910-23 March 2007) married 1.Henry Cyril Cresswell(6 Jan 1906- 22 July 1973)
                                                       married 27 Dec 1930 St. Peters Church Bentley Doncaster Yorks
 0.Eric(17 Nov 1931-) married 0.Mary Harrison(23 Nov 1924-8 Oct 1990) 30 July 1955
                                                         Register Office Darlington Co Durham
                                                -1. Elizabeth Ann(3 Feb 1956-) married
                                                         -2.Laura Wheatley(
                                                -1.Pauline Margaret(1 Feb 1960-) married Richard Kennedy
                                                          -2.Charlotte Kennedy
                                                -1.Steven Eric(1 Feb 1960-) married Dorothy O'Malley(11 Feb 1961-) Newcastle
                                                          -2.Mark Glen(29 Jan 1985-)
                                                          -2. Rebecca(17 Dec 1986-)  
 0. Frank(25 March 1935-) married Shirley Woodage(Feb 1939-) Bordon Hants
                                                          Yvonne(9 Jan 1960-) married Reginald Caples
                                                          Jean(27 Sept 1961-) married Mark Harris
 0. Margaret(28 Nov 1938-) married Peter Newton(18 Feb-) 9 July 1960 St Oswalds Kirk Sandall
 0.Joan(6 Dec 1943-) married Paul Richards(16 Jan 1947-) 28 June 1969 St Oswald Kirk Sandall
                                                          Judith Louise(20 Dec 1974-)
                                                          Mark James(7 May 1977-)
 0.David(3 Nov 1953-) married Nicola Jackson(10 Oct 1954-) July 1978 St Oswalds Kirk Sandall
                                                          Simon James(25 May 1980-)
                                                          Stewart Antony(3 Nov 1985-)
                           Alfred(1913-1985) married Edna Vardy(1919-2001)
                                     Gerald Alfred(1944-)
                           Florry(1916-) married George Allison(1912-) 25 Dec 1937
                           Arthur(1918-1987) batcholer
               After Mary's death William married Annie Purdy(1852-1924) 25 Nov 1882 Register Office Basford Notts.
       After Elizabeth's death John married Betsy Smith(8141-) 15 Feb 1864 Birchwood Chapel Alfreton Notts.
The Fletcher family were coal miners in the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire coal fields. The family moved to different
sites and were associated with Duffield; Ripley; Codnor; Selston and Eastwood. John and Clara moved to
Adwick-Le-Street, just north of Doncaster in the early 19th century. And the finally to Doncaster. Mary was born in 1910 at
Adwick-Le-Street. But when the family moved to Doncaster went to a local school. After schooling she worked as an
house maid to the local Head Master for several years. Finally working as an usherette in a Doncaster cinema. She met
my father in one of Doncaster's parks and they married in December 1930 and set up home in Kirk Sandall, Yorks. She
died in 2007 at the age of 96 years and 3 months after a long and productive life raising 5 children who all survive her.