Fletcher Family
George Fletcher came over from the St Anns district of Dublin in 1818 and on the 30 March at Southampton enlisted into
the 63 rd Regiment of Foot for the duration. He was 14 years old and enlisted as a drummer boy. He served for 21 years
and 257 days before being discharged for medical reasons. Most of his service was spent overseas 16 1/4 years,
Portugal, 1 1/2 years, Vandemans Land 5 years, The East Indies 9 3/4 years. He suffered from tropical diseases and
awarded a pension of 1 shilling and 3 pence a day as a Chelsea Pensioner. He was discharged at Chatham in 1844.
Later they moved to Chelmsford Barracks West Kent Militia.
George Fletcher (1804-c: 1885) married Ann (1820-) of Milton Sittingbourne Kent
     Emma (1848-1851) Chatham
     George (1850-1851) Chatham
Henry John (1855-Jan 1929) married Mary Ellen Cresswell (23 July 1858-Nov 1930) Liverpool Dec 1883 8b p97
                  Alice Ann (1884-July 1974)
                  George Henry (1887-)
                  Alfred James (3 Dec 1888-Sept 1974)
                  Elie May(June 1893-)
     Alfred Herbert (1859) married Emma (1864-)
     John Thomas (1861)
     George Charles (1864-) married Margaret J Williamson West Derby 4Q 8b p668
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