Frank Cresswell DCM Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

It is not know for a fact if Frank tried to emulate his brother James. But he did on the 18th August 1914 enlist in the 4th
Dragoon Guards
, a cavalry regiment of the line, as 10539 Pte Frank Cresswell for 12 years, 7 colour service and 5 on the
reserve. It was noted on his medical sheet on enlistment that he was suffering from Varicocele (left) which is a mass of
varicose veins in the spermatic cord. At the time of enlistment it was not considered serious enough to reject him for military
service. But just 69 days later, on the 26th October 1914, he was discharged from the army as being not likely to become an
efficient soldier. The reason given was a medical discharge for Varicocele; this could have been aggravated by riding a horse.
But of course this is only speculation on my part.

Frank enlisted into the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers as 23881 sometime in 1915, the exact date is at present unknown as his
records do not seem to have survived. On his medal card the first theatre of war is recorded as the Balkans but with a date of
entry of  4 Sept 1915 which is after the main part of the Gallipoli campaign. Platoon Sgt.

For gallant leadership during the operation of 3rd to 8th November 1918. When the attack was held up near Douriers on the
7th November by very strong enemy machine-gun posts,he made two frontal attacks which were almost successful. His fine
example inspired his platoon to good work on the following morning, when the position was captured. He was awarded the
Distinguish Conduct Medal for this brave action.
Military Records
Frank emigrated to America 1920