Harrison Family
Edward Harrison(c:1803-) married Ann(1805-1850) c: 1829 lived in Allendale Northumberland
Margary Ann(1842)

George(1830-1900) married c: 1853 Ann Sarah(1829-)
 Ann Sarah(1861)
 Stephen J (1863)

 George(1859-) married 1879 Maggie Herdman(1861-)
 Isaac Herdman(17 Aug 1887-7 Nov 1977) married 29 July 1907 Mary Jane Charlton(1884-1965)
                    Bessie(4 Jan 1908-26 June 1997) married Bert Laws
                    Dorris(1912-2005) married 1937 Percy Smurthwaite
                    Douglas(1919-) married Margaret
 Mary(23 Nov 1924-8 Oct 1990) married 30 July 1955 Eric Cresswell(1931-)
                              Elizabeth Ann(3 Feb 1956-)
                                        Laura Jane Wheatley
                              Pauline Margaret(1 Feb 1960-)
                                        Charlotte(14 Aug 1994)
                              Steven Eric(1 Feb 1960-)
                                         Mark Glen
Edward was born in Allendale Northumberland the family is associated with Catton; Horam;
Winlaton; Medomsley and  Ebchester. George(1830) lived in Medomsley and worked at Derwent
Iron Works as a forge man. George(1859) was a Blacksmith and lived in BlackHall Mills and
Medomsley. Isaac Herdman(1887) was born in Medomsley, he joined the Newcastle Police force.
He was village constable at Tow Law Co Durham for many years until he was transferred to
Darlington as a Police Sgt. He lived in retirement in Darlington Co Durham.
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