50058 Sgt Isaac Herdman Harrison
Isaac was a serving Police Constable when he volunteered for service in the Army. He was enlisted into the
Northhamptonshire Regiment and was stationed in England for the first two years rising to the rank of Sgt.
Probably due to his police training, training new recruits.
He was posted to France in March 1917 and wounded in action, transferred to A/G corps and sent home.
Discharged in Dec 1918 with the Silver War Medal.

He also volunteered for service in WW II and was enlisted into the Military Police as a Sgt. and stationed in home
postings for the duration of the war.
Service records from burnt collection.
Life Record of Isaac
Born on the 17th August 1886 at Blackhall Mills near Consort in Co Durham to George Harrison and
Margaret Herdman. His father was a blacksmith probably working inn the local iron works. Little is
known of Isaac early life. In 1891 the family was living in Coltparkhaugh in the parish of Medomsley.
His mother died in 1897 when Isaac was only 11 years old. In 1901 the family was living at 102
Cement Houses Hamsterly Isaac was then 14 years old.

At the age of 21 he applied to join the Police Force of Newcastle upon Tyne City, on the 21st May
1907 he was appointed as probationary constable PC13B. Married Mary Jane Charlton (born 22 nd
Aug 1887  Chopwell Newcastle) on the 29th July 1907. On the 15 August 1907 he was posted to `B`
Division. On the 22 November 1907 Appointed 4th class constable. 22nd August 1908 Appointed
3rd class constable. Daughter Bessie born 4th January 1908. On the 21 May 1909 Appointed 2nd
class constable.

On the 11th March 1910 voluntarily resigned from Newcastle Police Force to join Durham County
Constabulary. Appointed PC768 on the 16tn March 1910 as 3rd class constable, posted to
Darlington Co Durham on 6th May 1910 (Lived in Marsh Street) 1st September promoted to 2nd
class constable, 1st July 1911 promoted to 1st class constable.

April 1912 transferred to Heighton Co Durham. Daughter Dorris born November 14th 1912. 25Th
February 1915 resigned to join the Army WW1.

On the 26 February 1915 in Darlington Co Durham, at the age of 27years and 5months he signed
on for the duration of the war and was posted to the Northamptonshire Regiment depot were he
remained for 2years until the 1st March 1917.

The next bit is an assumption, as he was in England for 2 years and being an ex policeman and
reaching the rank of Sgt he may well have been engaged in a training roll or the Northamptonshire
regiment was in reserve. In any case the regiment when to France on 2nd March 1917.

He returned to England 15th November 1918 having been wounded and transferred the Adj Gen
Corps still in the rank of Sgt. Awarded the British War and Victory Medals along with the Silver War
badge B20269. Discharged on the 9th December 1918 and returned to England.

On the 19th December 1918 Re-admitted as a 6 year 1st class constable PC769 stationed at
Dunston Co Durham. Son Douglas born in 1919 registered in Gateshead Co Durham.

A daughter Mary was born on the 23rd November 1924 at 2 Cement Houses Hamsterley Colliery.
But by 1925 he was stationed in Middleton in Teesdale.

Promoted Sgt 114 on the 15th February 1930 and transferred to Darlington Co Durham. On the 1st
September 1932 transferred to Tow Law in Bishop Auckland Division, the family lived the local
police station and were educated in local schools. On the 1st of July 1934 he retired on pension
after completing some 20 years of service.

The family were living at 77 Staindrop Crescent Darlington Co Durham after retirement. Isaac
worked in Newton Acliff until WWII when he again volunteered for service in the army, but because
of his age was enlisted into the Military Police as a Sgt and served in home postings.
Isaac at Dorris wedding 1937 4th from
right. My wife bridesmaid.