Military Service of the Associated Cresswell Family's
World War 1
Three of the sons and one son-in-law of Joel Cresswell served in the first world war They were all
born in St. Helens, served in the great world war. James Cresswell; Frank Cresswell; John William
Cresswell and William Brown Anders, the husband of Joel's daughter  Elizabeth Alice Cresswell.
World War II
Arthur Cresswell
Post War
Frank Cresswell
Three sons of John William Cresswell served in WW II
Two sons of Henry Cyril Cresswell served post war
Mk V Centurion Tank
01ZR57 Front Line Korea 1952
Eric Cresswell
One Son of William Vose served in WW I and gave his life for his country
Mary Harrison's father served in WW I, wife of Eric Cresswell(1931)
Mary Harrison's brother served in WW II
Douglas Harrison
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The nephew of Mary Harrison served post war
Peter Smurthwaite
Joan Cresswell's grandfather in law served in WW1
John W J Richards