September 2008
Alice Broomfield 1901
Joel & Margaret with
Emily Mary, Frederick
and baby Elizabeth Alice
Joel & Eileen Garner
Joel 1920's
Joel&Margaret John William Herbert Joel
Henry Cyril Eric Anders c; 1907
Margaret Vose 1920's
Joel's wife
Joel Eric & Frank
Grand Sons 1936
Henry Cyril c: 1916
Joel & Eric 1932
Joel at 90
Elizabeth Alice with
Glynis Jones
Joel outside 29 Brecks Lane KS
Henry Cyril & Mary 1930
Mary Cresswell (Fletcher)
Mary's 80th
Mary with great grand children
Mark Cresswell Laura Wheatley
Rebecca Cresswell Mary &
Mary & sisters Grace, Florrie,
Mother Clara Fletcher(Salt)
Mary & friends
Emily Mary with
daughter Elsie Walker
Elizabeth Alice & children
Elizabeth Alice
John William & Annie son Eric
Henry Cyril & Mary
Kirk Sandall
Mary's 90th with Eric & Margaret
Mary Vicarage Garden
Mary & Eric 1955
Mary Steven Pauline 1961
Mary Ann Twins 1965 KS park
Mary & Pauline
Loughborough 1980's
Mary & Steven with
Mark & Rebecca
Eric Chepstow BOBA 2007
Grand Mother Clara Fletcher (Salt)
with daughter Grace
James Cresswell
Doris Anders John Cresswell Mable Woods
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Frank Cresswell's family
Eleanor Cresswell
Dr Lynn Cresswell Phd
Frank & Margaret
Eric Creswswell 1940's
Eric Cresswell 1996
James Cresswell with fathers Phd
Great Grandson
Pauline Cresswell & daughter  Charlotte
Kennedy,and niece Laura Weatley